Three Reasons You Need Your Roof Inspected for Leaks for Your Orlando Home

Your roof provides protection against rain, wind, snow, the sun, and more. It protects you, your pets, and your belongings. This means that when you have a problem with your roof, you have a problem with the rest of your home and everything in it, and it can cause a problem for everyone in it. Let’s take a look at common issues and what they can mean for you and the rest of your home.


Crumbling shingles, missing shingles, holes in decking, poor flashing, and other roof issues can cause leaks in the home. You might not even know that you have a leak either. You might not see water leaking through the ceiling. Water can drip down through a roof and travel to other places in the home’s structures, far away from its place of origin. There are leak detection services Orlando, FL that can help you to discover those leaks.

High Heating and Cooling Bills

When you have a leak in the home, warm air will escape the home in the winter. Likewise, warm air will enter the home in the summer. This can result in high heating and cooling costs. Many people look to their insulation to solve the issue. While this is a good idea, they can often overlook issues with their roof.


When there is an issue with a roof, the temperature in the house can be uneven or fluctuate. This is especially problematic for babies, small children, and the elderly. You can keep your home comfortable by ensuring your roof is in good condition.

Help your roof with leak detection services in Orlando, FL to prevent moisture issues, help keep heating and cooling costs down and make your home more comfortable by contacting today.