Learn About Hardwood Flooring in South Bay

Add elegance and style to your house with Hardwood Flooring in South Bay. Hardwood flooring comes in many different types of woods color, grain and design. Hardwood floors can be stained and finished to add new look to an already installed floor.

Wood floors can be solid or engineered, domestic or exotic. They are fairly easy to install, require low maintenance but come with a price tag.

Types of Hardwood Flooring in South Bay

Hardwood flooring can be solid or engineered. Solid wood floor is all wood with the thickness varying from 3/4” to 5/16”. Solid wood floors can be refinished multiple times to spruce up the old, dull look.

Engineered wood are also made from real woods but have multiple layers of wood veneers. Engineered wood is more stable and tends to expand or contract less. The top layer is the high quality wood. Engineered wood is easier to install, it can be sanded and refinished but take care with the process.

Hardwood floors come essentially in three styles – plank, strip and parquet. Strip floorings follow a linear pattern and can make a room look larger. Plank flooring is linear too but wider. Parquet flooring varies in size and gives a unique geometrical look to the room.

Maintain Hardwood Flooring in South Bay

Hardwood floors are fairly easy to clean and maintain. With normal wear and tear as the wood floor get dull in appearance, sanding and refinishing spruces up the look.

Use a soft mop or brush to clean the floor with a wood flooring cleaning product. Do not use cleaning products that are not made for wood as they can make the appearance dull. Water spills do not fare well with Hardwood Flooring in South Bay. Dry up any spills immediately and do not use wet mop on the floor. Throw rugs placed strategically on the hardwood flooring not only add to the style but are also great in preventing dirt and dust from accumulating on the floor. Use a soft pad when moving heavy furniture as wood floors tend to scratch easily.

Refinishing Hardwood Flooring in South Bay

Hardwood flooring gets dull in appearance over time. This happens as the protective sealant over the hardwood floors is subject to wear and tear and the dirt permeates the wood. Rebuffing and refinishing will make the hardwood flooring look new again.

Check whether your floor needs refinishing by dropping few drops of water on the floor. If the water forms beads then the sealant is still there, if the water gets soaked immediately the floor needs refinishing.

Check the thickness of your floor before sanding as sanding removes a lot of surface. Refinishing a wood floor requires sanding on the entire floor starting with a larger grit and then moving on to smaller grit sandpaper. Once sanding is complete, apply a stain of your choice.

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