How to Tell When the Roof on Your Chattanooga Home is Leaking

Scheduling roof leak repair in Friendswood can help you protect your home, but this requires knowing how to recognize this type of problem. As you learn the signs of a leaking roof, you can get those repairs completed earlier to avoid more costly repairs later. While leaks can be difficult to spot, you’ll find them more easily when you inspect your roof immediately after rainy weather.

Loose Granules

If you see loose granules in your gutter or on the ground surrounding your home, you should take this as a sign to look deeper into your roof’s condition. Loose granules indicate damaged shingles on your roof. You’ll typically see more of them after heavy rainfall since the rain water will flush the granules into the gutters.

Water Damage

After any storm, you should tour your attic or the uppermost floor in your home to identify leaks. You’ll spot leaks by looking for water stains on the wooden rafters in your attic. If you don’t have an attic, look for stains on the walls in the top story of your home.

Mold Growth

Even if it hasn’t rained recently, there may still be signs that you need roof leak repair in Friendswood. Look for mold growth around the home and especially in the attic. Mold requires moisture and humidity, which are common conditions produced by a leaky roof. Since mold can cause health problems as well as home damage, it’s important to watch for these signs of a leaky roof on a consistent basis.

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