6 Tips for Decorating a Small Space

Do you have a small room or apartment? Don’t let the square footage limit your creative potential. You don’t have to sacrifice form for function. Check out these tips for getting the most out of your apartment or other small space:

Choose the Right Seating

If you have a smaller area, a loveseat is better than a sofa. If you have children, adding small chairs to the room adds seating without bulk. When you visit furniture stores in Utica, NY, ask for matching sets to create a cohesive look.

Look Up

There is so much space just above eye level that is often overlooked and underused. This is especially true when your space is small. Install shelves, overhead lighting, or hanging décor to make the most of what you have.

Make Furnishings Do Double Duty

When you have limited space, your furniture has to work twice as hard. That doesn’t mean it can’t be cute, too! Choose double-duty items like tables or seating with built-in storage. Your home will look and feel more functional and fun.

Get Creative with Your Layout

How you position your furniture is completely up to you. Think outside the box when it comes to where you place your pieces to create a better flow and more comfortable atmosphere in your space.

Make a Wall a Functional Focal Point

Turn a small section of wall into a reading nook, miniature office, or other practical space. You’ll be surprised by how much you can make happen in such a tight spot!

Choose a Coffee Table That Brightens

Want to visually open up your space? Add a coffee table or other feature piece that uses clear glass or mirrors to add light and movement to the room. Your space will look bigger instantly.

Still not sure what to do? Talk to the staff of one of your local Utica furniture stores like Ironwood Furniture for more information about what pieces might be best for your small space!