Advantages of New Construction in Chicago at Planned Residential Communities

Planned communities offer the benefits of specially designed places where residents can interact and enjoy the company of their neighbors. That’s one reason so many people decide on residential New Construction in Chicago in a planned community with certain features to encourage camaraderie. A contracting company like Ranney Michaels builds houses on spec as well as customized homes made to order. Buyers also have the option of choosing specific floor plans but tweaking them for their own preferences.

What types of features do property buyers look for in a planned community? Those who look forward to neighborhood gatherings might want a place that has a clubhouse and a community outdoor space for cookouts. Walking trails and ponds stocked with fish provide recreation. Some have other water features such as creeks and streams. Of course, many people like to move to a community that has a swimming pool everyone can use but isn’t open to the city at large. The nice quiet streets in the neighborhoods provide areas where people can ride bikes and get some exercise while occasionally stopping to chat with someone they know or would like to know better.

Playgrounds in the communities offer areas where young families can spend time together. Kids and parents both make friends there, and children have someone to play with while adults engage in conversation. It’s a significant advantage for children who otherwise might only make friends at school and those friends might live some distance away.

Planned communities featuring new construction in Chicago typically are within close driving distance of the city’s amenities while being situated just far enough away to be peaceful residential havens. The community feels almost like a small town from which people can easily commute to work, go shopping, and eat at many different restaurants.

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