Tree Stump Removal – What You Need To Know

Removing a tree stump is as important a task as tree removal. Both are intricately linked and the job of removing a tree is only half done if the stump is not simultaneously done away with. Experienced arborists will tell you that stump removal is an essential aspect of tree removal and should not be kept for a later date. What happens if it is not done? Stumps left behind will decay and become fungus and termite infested over a period of time, more so since it is deadwood. This will affect the health of other trees in the vicinity. All arborists will definitely take up tree stump removal along with tree removal.

There are times when the removal of tree stumps is compulsorily done immediately after cutting down the trees. Take the case of a large construction site for residential or commercial complexes. Just tree removal alone does not have any value without stump removal if the area has to be made level and suitable for building. Again, trees often get damaged and broken after severe storms and have to be cut down. If this takes place on roads and pedestrian pathways, leaving the stumps behind will lead to accidents and people tripping over them. If it is on your personal property, the stumps will stand out like an eyesore, apart from decaying wood affecting other trees. Hence, tree stump removal in Fayetteville GA is as essential as tree removal.

Stump removal paves the way for the area to be utilized again where a tree once stood. You can replant saplings or transfer healthy trees from another area as a part of landscape management. Of course, fresh construction can be made on site after effective tree stump removal. All these would not have been possible if only a tree is removed and the stump is kept standing.

What happens to the stump and what do professional arborists do about it?

The tree can be cut into logs or firewood and disposed off. Similarly, there are specialized machines and equipment that converts the stumps to mulch and flattens the area. These machines are of different sizes and the smaller ones can even be taken through the side gate of your house. You can even keep the mulch for your garden if the stump removed has been from your property. Whatever may be the case, tree stump removal is a logical end to taking down a tree.