Important Tips For Better Lawn Care in St Louis MO

So, you have a great looking house in a really nice neighborhood. However, the one thing plaguing your curb appeal is your horrendous lawn. Your lawn is filled with weeds, thatch, bare spots, and maintains a yellowish-brown color. You water the lawn every day but you aren’t seeing a difference. What are you doing wrong? This question can be answered by a professional service for Lawn Care in St Louis MO. Let’s take a look at some common lawn care tips that these professional services live by.

You shouldn’t cut your lawn so short all of the time. Many homeowners hate having to mow the lawn. This hate leads them to cut the lawn very short to avoid frequent mowing. The tips of the grass blades are where the important nutrients are concentrated. By cutting the grass so short you’re cutting off the supply of nutrients. A lack of nutrients usually leads to things like browning and disease. When you mow, focus on only removing a third of the grass blades each time. Using this type of Lawn Care in St Louis MO will help you’re lawn become healthier over time.

When you mow your lawn remember to use a bag to collect the clippings. Yes, it’s true that clippings can help add nutrients to the lawn, but leaving too many clippings can have an adverse effect. Too many lawn clippings can encourage thatch buildup. Thatch buildup is formed by the accumulation of excess roots and stems along the lawn. Thatch can be a good thing, but too much can hinder your lawn’s health and prevent it from growing.

Caring for your lawn also involves caring for your lawn mower. More specifically you should focus on caring for the blades of the machine. Although most experts for Lawn Care in St Louis MO know this, many homeowners are unaware of it’s importance. A sharp mower blade will provide a clean cut to a grass blade, and will allow it to retain its nutrients. However, a dull mower blade will rip a grass blade, and this causes the tip of a glass blade to bleach and turn brown.

Use these tips if you want to maintain a great looking lawn. Again, focus on mowing your lawn at a certain height, and pick up a majority of your clippings. Lastly keep your lawn mower blades sharp and clean, or call Hackmann Lawn & Landscape, LLC for further assistance.