Cold Storage Accessories for Versatility, Safety in Martinez CA

Engineered refrigeration systems apply to many industries, including warehouse, food processing and distribution, produce, meat and poultry, seafood, beer, restaurants and supermarkets, bio-tech, composites and more. Adding the right accessories increases production potential and refrigerated storage and saves money.

Accessories for Refrigeration Systems

Refrigeration systems accessories in California extend to several aspects of a complete system. They include:

  • Temperature Controls – These control such systems as air dryers, glass-door shelving, trailers, trucks and cold rooms and manage temperature, fans, condensers and compressor, evaporators and other units.
  • Lighting – These fixtures include economical strip and high-bay LED replacements, quick starting and efficient low-temp lighting, sustainable fluorescent vapor proof lighting, metal halide and more.
  • Evaporator Pans – Also known as drip pans, these collect condensed moisture from the freezer defrost drain, allowing it to evaporate. They’re almost always found at the bottom of the refrigeration unit.
  • Strip Curtains – Dock or warehouse doors can sometimes stay open for hours. Clear strip doors maintain cold interior temperatures while preserving doorway visibility and keeping out drafts, dust, heat, birds and bugs.
  • Pass – Through Doorways – Pass-through refrigerators have tightly-sealed doors on both front and back sides, allowing items to transfer while keeping a consistent temperature. They can also feature door guards, door locks, full handle length and decorator tape.
  • Alarm Systems – These monitoring systems alert when refrigerant has escaped or been released into the room.
  • Roll-A-Way Shelving – These shelving units are typically adjustable and are designed to go behind pass-through refrigerator doors and best make use of space. They also provide for merchandising of beverages and foods.

A Leader in the Cold Storage Industry

Engineers, designers and builders of industrial and commercial refrigeration systems in Martinez CA and Stockton CA can provide OEM service and refrigeration systems accessories in California, the US and internationally. A licensed contractor with and onsite architect and highly-trained craftsmen can build custom designs from the ground up.