The Basics Of Termite Treatment In Perth

At Flick Pest Control we are very familiar with the panicked sound of homeowners when they call in after finding signs of termites in their home. In some cases, the homeowners may be making a repair and noticed some wood that didn’t look just right, only to find out that once they touched the wood it crumbled, leaving them staring straight into a bunch of tubes full of termites.

While this is a nasty experience for anyone, we can offer comprehensive and complete termite treatment in the Perth area. Unlike some companies we also provide a full 100% money back guarantee on all of our annual contracts so you will never have to worry about seeing termites again.

Termite Information

There are approximately 3,106 different species of termites throughout the world, and there are literally hundreds more that are yet to be classified. In the United States, there are about 50 identified species, with most existing in rotting wood in forested areas.

Somewhat like bees they live in colonies with each termite assuming a specific role within the colony. There are one or more fertile males, known as kings, as well as one or more fertile females or queens within the colony. The queen termites can live up to 50 years, which makes them the longest living insect known to man. She can also lay tens of thousands of eggs as a day in her primary reproductive years.

There are also sterile males and females that have other duties in the colony including as workers and soldiers, which are the termites seen by humans during an infestation. In some parts of the world, these worker and soldier termites are actually consumed as a delicacy or even used in traditional types of medicines.

The Importance of Complete Termite Treatment

With the size of the colony numbering in the hundreds to millions, it is critical for all termite treatment to be designed to kill all existing termites. At Flick Pest Control, we have the experience and the expertise to inspect your property and then develop a plan of treatment that is right for your needs.

For many Perth homes, this will include fumigation, allowing the termite treatment to be highly effective throughout the entire home. We will then also inject the galleries, or the termite “tubes” or galleries in the wood, providing additional treatment to areas of heavy infestation.