Add Value and Living Space With Basement Remodeling

Creating the Perfect Bonus Room in Your Basement

Your basement doesn’t have to be a dark, damp, and dingy place. Basement remodeling in Northern Virginia can transform your basement into a livable space, expanding your home while adding comfort and value. Here are some of the first steps you may take in remodeling your basement.

Laying Out Your Dream Space

What are you currently using your basement for? Keep in mind if you will still need the space for laundry or storage after your remodeling job is complete. Will you create one large room in your basement or several smaller ones? If you plan on installing a bedroom, be sure it is located on the parameter with a window for egress. If you want a home theater, build a room positioned away from natural light to reduce glare. If you plan on installing a kitchenette or bar, be sure snacks and beverages can be reached without disrupting other people who might be in the room. Once you have an idea of where things will go you can work on the schematics.

Scheme and Plan your Schematics

Measure twice and cut once is an important rule in all building projects, including in basement remodeling. While it may be tempting to fantasize about the final look of your basement, measuring out the minute details will be necessary to achieve those dreams. Lots of sketches, drawing, and measurements go into the necessary step of developing schematics. Planning will help you measure out the exact location of each feature in your new space, and will allow you to determine where you want to use specific materials.

Reach Out to Professionals

A professional contractor can help with several of the more complicated elements of basement remodeling in Northern Virginia. All fuel-burning equipment and ventilation should be checked before construction starts. Being aware of the location of the equipment and how it ventilates is necessary to prevent carbon monoxide buildup. A contractor can help you move ducts and pipes if necessary to create more headroom. It may also be necessary to have mold or mildew professionally removed from your basement. Skipping this step could be detrimental to the project and your health. While a contractor can assist you with your entire remodeling project, it may be necessary to hire one for these earliest steps.

Even if your basement is cold concrete now, it could become the most popular spot in your house. The above advice for beginning basement remodeling in Northern Virginia will help you use your whole home for living space that you love. Visit Apex Waterproofing Inc. for more details.