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Garage Door Spring Repair in Wesley Chapel, FL.

If your garage door in not able to open, it is possible that one or both springs are broken. This is especially likely if you can hear the motor trying to pull the door up, but the door will not move. If this is the case, the spring will need to be repaired or replaced. Even if the door is only able to rise part way, you would have your springs checked both for proper function and for safety. If a spring were to break when someone or something was in the door’s way, this could lead to serious injury or damage.

If you think you may be in need of garage door spring repair in Wesley Chapel, FL. you would be wise to learn about the various types of garage door springs on the market. Torsion springs are tightly wound around a rod which sits just above and behind the opening to a garage. They appear as though they are a single spring, but each door has two that meet at the center of the rod. While your door will be able to rise with one functional spring, this won’t last for long. The weight of the door will prove to be too heavy and will soon break that spring as well. For this reason, it is recommended that in the event of a torsion spring problem you perform garage door spring repair for both springs.

Repairing or replacing torsion springs is a very dangerous job. There are serious injuries that result from inexperienced homeowners attempting to replace or repair their own torsion springs. The safest alternative is to have them repaired by garage door repair specialists to avoid such occurrences. If you are determined to take on the job yourself, become educated beforehand. Watch online tutorials and learn about proper safety precautions. It is especially critical that you employ a safety cable, which will support the door’s weight while you work on the springs.

Extension springs run along each track for your garage door. Extension springs are much safer, as well as being easier to repair. At the same time, their repair still carries a significant risk of injury or damage, so utilizing the skills of a professional garage door spring repair in Wesley Chapel, FL. specialist is still the best way to go. That said, you can also learn the process and safety precautions for repairing or replacing extension springs online. Discount Garage Doors Inc. can repair or replace your garage door spring or any other part.