Considerations When Choosing Screen Doors For A Flagstaff, AZ Home

Screen doors are very popular in the Flagstaff, AZ, area, and are a great way to allow cool breezes in the spring and throughout the fall and winter seasons to help to keep your home comfortable without the need to use your air conditioner.

Screen Door Repair Flagstaff AZ, as the name implies, are designed to allow the breeze to pass through while stopping insects and debris from gaining entrance to the home. These should not be confused with storm doors, which are typically made of glass and completely block the flow of air while still providing natural light into the home.

Homes in the Flagstaff, AZ area may also have a combination of screen and storm door, where the homeowner can change the glass and screen panels to suit the time of year.

Sizing of Doors

In most homes, unless custom doors were installed, standard sizes of screen doors can be used as a replacement for an existing door. They can also be added to a traditional front or back door, with a quick measurement of the existing door is all that is required to purchase the correct size.

It is important to consider if the door should open to the right or the left. Most people choose to match the current configuration of the existing door with the new screen door.

Dogs or Children and Screen Doors

ForFlagstaff, AZ homes with dogs or small children, choosing the style and design that limits the screened area to the top section of the door can be helpful to prevent screen damage and provide additional security to keep kids and pets indoors.

Take the time to look at different styles of doors. They can range from ornate and decorative to highly functional and durable, making it easy to find the perfect match.

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