How to Keep Your Quartz Countertops Looking Their Best in The Villages

Once you had your quartz countertops installed in your home, you need to know how to keep them clean. Fortunately, that isn’t all that difficult. There are certainly plenty of quartz countertop cleaners in The Villages who can help you, but you can keep your own countertops looking their best with these helpful tips.

First, you can usually clean a quartz countertop with a sponge or a soft cloth and some soapy water. You should be able to use the same kind of soap that you would use to wash your dishes. Second, you should clean the spills as soon as you see them. A finished quartz countertop will be resistant to most spills, but some substances can still stain if you don’t wipe them up right away. If you have something stuck on your countertop, you can scrape it up gently with a dough card or a flat piece of plastic that won’t scratch the finish. Dry any wet spots with a microfiber cloth, and don’t be afraid to resort to using glass cleaner if you’re leaving streaks.

For tougher messes, you can make your own quartz countertop cleaner with a solution of three parts dish detergent and one part rubbing alcohol. Mix it with some warm water, and you’re ready to go.

For more information about keeping your quartz countertops clean or if you need some quartz countertop cleaners in The Villages, contact Burns Woodworking today or visit them online at website. They will be happy to answer all of your home improvement questions.