3 Trending Ideas For Your Kitchen Remodeling Project In Missouri

You and your family have been debating about remodeling the kitchen. Your spouse wants a traditional themed kitchen while you and your children are wanting a contemporary look. As the conversation continues, you decide to search online for ideas that can incorporate both themes to end the debate once and for all. Here are 3 trending ideas for your kitchen remodeling project.

Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

One trending kitchen idea that incorporates both traditional and contemporary elements is a modern farmhouse themed kitchen. Picture a kitchen with open wooden and metal shelving units matched with modern counter tops. Use tungsten bulbs in fixtures to give your kitchen a warm and cozy glow.

Marble Marvel

Another trending idea for your kitchen remodeling project is incorporating marble throughout the kitchen. Picture modern marbled counter tops with an accented marble wall. Consider using glass or stainless steel fixtures to give your kitchen the best of worlds, fusing modern elements with traditional.


Another trending idea to give your kitchen a traditional and modern look is by accessorizing. Consider replacing your vinyl flooring with tile flooring. Also, consider changing out your standard kitchen sink for an apron or farmhouse sink. These types of sinks are both functional and appealing, offering your kitchen a cosmetic upgrade without sacrificing practicality.

The Professional Experts

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