Winter Home Building Myths for New Construction in Chicago

What if somebody is finally able to buy a residential lot for the purpose of New Construction in Chicago but winter is approaching? Does this person need to wait until springtime to have a home builder begin the project? Many home builders work all year round, even in cold climates that get an abundance of snow. There may be no downside to having a house constructed during the winter months.

Cost Considerations

Cold weather construction may cost a bit more because of the additional precautions needed. However, those costs are relatively insignificant, especially when taking into consideration the higher cost of construction materials in spring. At that time, manufacturers and suppliers tend to raise prices in anticipation of the busy season.


The main concern will be getting the foundation in place or excavating for a basement. That must be done when the ground is not frozen. After this work is complete, the rest of the New Construction in Chicago should not slow down too much. Snowfall can disrupt exterior work, but that’s true of rain during warm weather as well.

Exterior Work

Exterior work on home construction can be done even when temperatures are several degrees below freezing as long as everything is dry with no ice. Often, though, contractors choose to do interior projects in these conditions. They use space heaters while they are on the job and keep the new building protected with vapor barrier sheets. To consult with a new home builder, check out the website of MK Construction & Builders, Inc.