Exploring the Joys of Investing in a New Gainesville FL Residential Roof

It’s time to stop investing in roof repairs and look into the options for a new roof Gainesville FL. Many homeowners default to choosing new roofs that are basically identical to the old ones. Now’s the time to break out of the rut and consider something a little different. Here are two aspects of selecting new roofing that need to be part of your plan.

The Chance to Go With Different Materials

The current roof is composed of asphalt shingles. While you don’t hate them, you’re not exactly crazy about them either. Now is a great time to look into other materials that could be used for a new roof Gainesville FL. For example, you may decide that some sort of tile roof would work well. A contractor can help you compare different materials and settle one the one that you like best.

You Can Change the Color Too

Choosing a color for your new roof means considering two important factors: which color would reflect heat away from the home and which colors would look great with the home style and color scheme? A contractor can help you identify several colors that provide both benefits. From there, you settle on a color for the new roof Gainesville FL that you are likely to still find attractive a decade from now.

A new residential roof is a major investment. It’s also one that helps protect the value of the property. Take your time and choose wisely. You’ll be glad that you did.

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