Stone Counter tops Stand the Test of Time

No other kitchen counter top medium offers the durability that stone provides to a homeowner. Your kitchen counters stand up to a lot of punishment every day from hot pots and pans, things being dropped on them, and appliances and other items sitting on them. Stone stands up to the demands of the kitchen like nothing else in the industry does.

The Right Contractor Can Make All the Difference

By speaking to counter top contractors in Johnson County, MO, at Gaumats, you will be working with professionals with a proven reputation in the area. They have spent years offering a level of customer service that goes beyond expectations. Working with a contractor should seem like a partnership where the person you are hiring to do the work has the same level of passion for your new future kitchen that you do. That passion only comes from years of experience working with clients to make their kitchen dreams a reality. A quality contractor should be able to offer you installation methods that will keep your budget in check, all without sacrificing the overall visual look and functionality of the room.

We Love Stone!

Since 2005, Gaumats International has been working to remodel kitchens in the area so that homeowners get the exact spaces that they want. We love stone and the beauty and durability that it provides for our valued customers. If you visit us at us, you will gain access to a wealth of information that may spur ideas if you are unsure of what type of countertops that you want. Check out our gallery of past work completed to gain design inspiration or look at the complete list of services that we provide and the mediums our contractors work with.