The Beauty and Comfort of a Classic Hickory Rocking Chair

For people who love classic furniture, one of the most idyllic pieces is the rocking chair. From use as a country porch piece of furniture to a widely loved furniture accent for country kitchens, nurseries, and family rooms, the rocking chair has etched itself in the lives of people across the globe for centuries.

American Creation and History of The Rocking Chair

The original rocking chair is said to have been created by Benjamin Franklin in 1710 and was introduced to England in 1725. The word rocking-chair first appeared in the Oxford Dictionary in 1787, and the earliest forms of the chair were used for outside relaxation.

Therapeutic Benefits of The Rocking Chair

The rocking chair is well known for its ability to bring about a feeling of calm and relaxation. Over the years, there have been quite a few studies into the benefits of the rocking chair on stress reduction. It is now believed that the rocking chair has therapeutic benefits that can include increased relaxation, stress reduction, faster healing after injury, childbirth and surgery, reduction in depression and anxiety, improved balance, and relief of arthritis. They offer great calming for young babies and are perfect for sitting in and relaxing to enjoy the beautiful views or sounds of nature any afternoon or evening.

Of all the furniture styles for the rocking chair, one of the most well known and loved is the Amish classic porch rocking chair. For an advanced therapeutic design, the Hickory rocking chair Virginia artisans have been making for centuries is one of the more aesthetically beautiful designs. With a contoured back and authentic natural wood structure, each rocking chair is a unique piece of furniture that will last for generations. If you are looking for the best in the traditional Hickory Rocking Chair Virginia craftsman, have been making since early colonial times at It’s All Amish we have the best in Hickory rocking chairs as well as other rocking chair designs, and you can learn more about us at