Get More Light for Less Money With Advanced Commercial Lighting Options

High-grade commercial LED lighting and intelligent lighting schemes enhance efficiency, safety, and comfort in your work space. Today’s vast array of commercial lighting in Victoria, BC, lets you curate LED lighting options to suit custom and industry-specific applications. Narrowing your choices is the first step.

A Primer on LED

LED stands for light-emitting diode. It isn’t a bulb but rather a tiny assembly of components. The main components include a semiconductor material that emits light when exposed to an electrical current. The current causes electrons and electron holes to recombine, resulting in .

LED is inherently long-lasting and on the small side. The result is a light source whose tiny array fits into nearly any shape or on onto any substrate. LED has thousands of hours more life than incandescent bulbs, emits more lumens per watt for less energy consumption, costs less and results in a diminished carbon footprint. On average, LED commercial lighting in Victoria, BC, saves at least $400 per bulb, per year.

Commercial LED Lighting Options

Since it’s easy to mount LED onto any substrate, LED commercial lighting comes in almost all imaginable shapes, sizes, and colors. In many instances, you can even turn sketches into reality, crafting your own lighting schemes from scratch and having LED specially constructed or installed to suit your requirements and fancies.

If you already have a successful industrial setup and just need compatible lighting fixtures, there are many preexisting, compatible LED options to consider. Interior LED lighting falls into several standard categories, including flush, semi, track, pendant, and wall to undercabinet, gallery, step, and ground.

Each category comprises subcategories or refinements to reflect your sensibilities, color schemes, design, and personality. You can select the material, finish, and style of housing as well as the brand and special options, such as ADA-compliance or dry rating. The possibilities are as endless as your imagination.