Pruning Advice from a Commercial Tree Service in Fort Myers, FL

Tree pruning is something many property owners have heard about but do not necessarily understand. People do not always appreciate how and when pruning should take place or how to do it properly. The effort of trimming a few branches may end up doing more harm to the tree than it helps. It is a good idea for all homeowners to understand the basics of beneficial pruning.

What Pruning Accomplishes

Pruning cuts back old growth to allow new growth to thrive. Careful pruning improves the appearance of trees, makes it easier for shrubs and bushes to grown fuller, and is a safety technique because it removes dead or weak branches that are at risk of dropping. Pruning also helps to remove diseased portions of trees or other plants to protect the rest of the tree and other trees in the yard.

How Damage Happens

Sometimes, people mistakenly believe a section of a tree or bush is dead when it is only dormant. Many plants and trees go dormant to conserve energy until their growing season returns in the spring. Other common mistakes a Commercial Tree Service in Fort Myers FL will avoid are cutting too close to trunks, leaving stubs of branches behind, and pulling off bark when cutting large branches.

When Pruning Occurs

Trees and shrubs have different pruning schedules that should be followed. Flowering shrubs usually respond best when pruning takes place just after flowering. If the shrub is unhealthy or neglected, it may benefit more from a trim in the early spring. Prune non-flowering shrubs in winter or early spring. Most deciduous tree pruning takes place in later winter. More flexibility exists with evergreen trees, as they are okay to prune any time during the year and usually receive a trim in the spring when the goal is to encourage denser growth.

Pruning takes knowledge and effort, and it also requires the right tools. Dull blades and incorrectly performed cuts will damage the tree. To avoid causing any harm to trees, it is important to have the help and guidance of a commercial tree service in Fort Myers FL. To find out more about pruning and other types of tree care, Click Here.