A Quick Look at the History of Street Lighting Used in Modern Cities Today

Street lights are something we all seem to take for granted. A fair number of people have not even experienced what it is like without proper lighting on the roads. Those who live in the country, away from large cities, know better. The world is a completely different place at night without lighting. Therefore, the invention of the street lamp is actually one of the most ingenious inventions. Find out how the street light developed from its humble beginnings to the versions that light up Palm Coast, FL.

The Initial Problem Everyone knows that it is hard to navigate through the darkness. As cities began to grow, this became a big problem for residents. The dark is not only dangerous for walking or driving, but it also provides the perfect environment for crime. However, mankind came up with a viable solution that has persisted through time: the street lamp.

The Early Stages We all know that ancient civilizations used rudimentary means to provide lighting at night. The Romans had oil lamps and the Chinese had natural gas. However, it wasn’t until 1417 when the modern version of street lighting became known. Countries in Europe began using lanterns outside of homes to provide light in the streets. England became the first country to use a full gas lighting system in the early 1800s.

Electric lighting became a reality in 1878. Although Paris was the first city to use electric lighting, many cities followed soon thereafter. These early versions were known as arc lights which were powered by arc lamps. Today, in Palm Coast, our street lights use high-pressure sodium lamps. You may have never noticed this because globes cover the lamps to distribute the light. In some cases, it may be necessary to get street light globe replacements to ensure that the bulbs are protected.

Today’s Models Most modern street lights share the same components. In the typical system, you’ll find a luminaire, arm, pole and a control device. Globes are fitted around the bulbs to add decorative flair, and for protection. Out of all the components, globes are the most likely to require replacement. A street light globe replacement is simply part of the maintenance required to keep streets lit in Palm Coast, FL. To learn more follow our blog page.