3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Constructing a Wood Fence

There’s no doubt that a wood fence Gaithersburg MD adds a lot to any residential property. You’re thinking about having a contractor install a fence. Before you make any plans, ask yourself a few questions. The answers will make it easier to choose the right design.

Why Do I Want the Fence?

Homeowners want fences for a number of reasons. Perhaps you like the visual appeal that a wood fence brings to the property. Maybe the idea is to enclose an area so that pets or children can enjoy the outdoors while still being contained in an area you can watch. Perhaps the plan is to install a privacy fence that allows you to use the grounds without feeling as if you’re on display to all the neighbors.

You may want a fence for more than one reason. Whatever the case, knowing why you want it will make it all the easier to settle on elements like height and an open or closed design.

Are There Ornamental Elements That I Want to Include?

Do you prefer something simple or would some type of ornamentation be right for your property? Take cues from the home’s design. You may find that picking up on some aspect of the home exterior and incorporating it into the style of your wood fence Gaithersburg MD creates a more unified look.

Will the Fence Encompass the Property or Just the Back Yard?

Many homeowners prefer an open front yard while enclosing a back yard. Others like the idea of a picket fence out front and a privacy fence for the back yard. Talk with the contractor about what you have in mind. You’ll be surprised at how easily a professional can come up with a design for your wood fence Gaithersburg MD that works perfectly for your grounds.

Now that you have some answers, call the contractor and arrange for a visit to the property. It won’t take long to go over design options, get a quote, and set a date for the installation to begin.

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