Safety Tips From Experts In Electrical Lighting Services in Bradenton, FL

Having the benefit of outdoor lighting can be a great boon to any homeowner. However, just as with anything, with great convenience comes the risk of dangers. Here are some safety tips as recommended by the leading experts in Electrical Lighting Services in Bradenton FL.

Don’t Start Tripping

While outdoor lighting is nice, the fixtures need to be strategically placed. Cords running to and fro can present a definite tripping hazard. While sometimes placing cords on the ground simply cannot be avoided, they should never be placed on steps under any circumstances. In fact, if in doubt at all, hire a professional company to place the lights.

Don’t Mix Indoors With Outdoors

Actually, using an outdoor light inside is fine, albeit maybe not aesthetically pleasing and perhaps a bit cumbersome. However, an indoor light should never be used outdoors. The reason for this? They typically have not been sealed to be moisture-resistant and can become a fire hazard. In the same vein, indoor extension cords should never be used outdoors. This is because they do not have the proper amount of insulation nor the correct number of prongs to reduce the risk of an electrical shock happening outdoors.

Keep It Dry

While it should be obvious, most outdoor lighting should never be submerged in water. While there are some exceptions such as pool lights, these should always be installed by a professional electrician specializing in Electrical Lighting Services in Bradenton FL. Inexperience with this type of equipment can lead to the risk of severe electric shock and even death. Remember, when it comes to electricity, just leave it to the professionals.

Hardwired Is Actually Hard

On a final note, any electrical wiring that is actually hardwired needs to be done by a licensed electrician. This is the law in some places and may void the homeowner’s insurance if not complied with. Electrical wiring is quite complicated and should never be left to guesswork.

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