Pest Management Services in New Canaan, CT Help Customers Reduce Mosquito Populations

Pest Management Services in New Canaan CT are available for property owners who are completely frustrated with the number of mosquitoes they have to deal with. They want to know if there’s anything that can be done, or if they just have to put up with the situation. The bug population is disrupting their enjoyment of their yard, and the critters sometimes get into the house as well.

Eliminate Standing Water

One fundamental and crucial strategy recommended by Pest Management Services in New Canaan CT is to eliminate all standing water near the home. Standing water hides in places like empty flowerpots and buckets. Changing the water in the birdbath frequently is important. Rain barrels should be covered. Puddles in low spots on pavement should be swept away. Stagnant water attracts female mosquitoes because the insects lay eggs there.

Females vs. Males

Females also are the only ones that bite, as the blood is required for them to produce eggs. Both females and males have a distinctive whine, however, which is so annoying when they’re flying around a bedroom at night. The noise comes from the movement of their wings.

Get Trees and Shrubs Trimmed

Sometimes, the behavior of these insects is mystifying. For example, why do mosquitoes hang around one side of a house? It’s because they prefer shade and damper conditions over bright sunshine and dry areas. Trimming of trees and shrubs by a service like Pauley Tree & Lawn Care Inc can cut down on the¬†excessive shade and reduce the number of places where mosquitoes prefer to spend their time.

Have Patience

Sometimes, having patience is the best solution. Weather occasionally conspires to work against people and in favor of mosquitoes. A winter that generates a lot of snow to melt into big ponds of standing water provides a haven for mosquitoes throughout the spring. Their populations will decrease naturally as the season progresses. In the meantime, following the instructions from the pest control technicians will help prevent breeding activity on the property.

Widespread spraying of pesticide on a property is generally ineffective at reducing the mosquito population there. Insects simply move in from other yards.