Three Types of Mammalian Pests That Merit Professional Animal Control in Hanover

There are quite a few types of animals that can cause problems for homeowners in the area. While insects like roaches, ants, and wasps can be troublesome, mammals of various kinds often turn out to be nuisances as well.

Experts at Animal Control in Hanover, however, address such issues whenever they crop up. Even pests that seem impossible for homeowners to deal with themselves can be defeated by experienced, properly trained professionals.

Many Types of Wild Mammals Cause Problems in the Hanover Area

There are dozens of species of creatures that regularly trouble homeowners in the area. Mammals of various kinds consistently rank among the most problematic of these. When it comes to Animal Control in Hanover, calls for help with mammalian species like the following are consistently some of the most common.

  • Mice.
  • Although an occasional sighting might seem cute, mice can be some of the most troublesome of the pests native to the area. Like other rodents, mice feel an unconquerable need to gnaw that helps keep their constantly growing teeth at an appropriate length. As a result, mice regularly cause large amounts of damage to homes without being noticed. Mice can also leave behind droppings laden with disease-transmitting pathogens that can endanger people and their pets.
  • Rats.
  • As larger and more aggressive relatives of mice, rats can be even more difficult to deal with. Some rats grow large enough that they can even inflict painful, injurious bites when cornered by smaller pets. Managing an infestation of rats will often take even more dedication and skill than would be required to exterminate a family of mice.
  • Raccoons.
  • Being particularly intelligent and resourceful creatures, raccoons can cause real trouble for homeowners. Probably most often spotted rummaging through trash cans, raccoons can create problems of many other and more serious kinds as well.

Experts at Eliminating Problematic Pests

Animal control experts like those online at website always have ways of dealing with these common pests and any others. Getting some professional help with any type of mammalian pest problem will almost always be the best way to ensure that it will be resolved for good.