Benefits of Beveling Glass in Santa Clarita, CA

When most readers think of beveled glass, they’re likely assuming it is only used for decorative accent mirrors. In reality, though, Beveling Glass in Santa Clarita CA is a great way to add some extra depth and visual appeal to everything from entry doors to table tops. Read on to find out about a few of the benefits of beveled glass to see why.

Create the Illusion of Extra Space

When used for mirrors, beveled glass can create the illusion of extra space in a room thanks to its edges and angles. The edges of the mirror will reflect whatever is in front of them, so if they’re placed on a different angle, they’ll offer a different reflection. This creates an amazing visual appeal and makes small rooms, such as bathrooms and foyers, look much larger.

Unique Visual Appeal

When used for doors or windows, beveled glass can refract light to create rainbows. The reason that Beveling Glass in Santa Clarita CA has this unique visual effect is that it acts as a prism, reflecting light in interesting ways to create added appeal. Given that most guests enter homes through front entryways, beveled glass front doors can really improve the visitor’s first impressions of a home.

It’s Perfectly Safe

Beveled glass may look sharp, but it’s perfectly safe to touch. The edges of the glass will be polished, whether it is used for a mirror, a window, or even an upscale shower door.

Add Texture and Embellishment

When used in windows or mirrors, beveled glass adds extra texture to an otherwise boring wall. Those who want to go the extra mile and further embellish their interior surfaces can even install several pieces of beveled glass mirrors together to create a truly unique visual appeal. Beveled glass mirrors are often available in a variety of shapes and sizes, which gives homeowners plenty of options.

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