Top Ideas on How to Increase Your Closet Storage

Most people’s closets are full of clutter and chaos. Get more room out of your walk-in space. Here are top ideas on how to increase your closet storage.

Install a revolving closet

A rotating closet can be the answer to your prayers. Imagine a lazy Susan, but this time for your clothes. With that much room to spare, you could also set aside sections for your shoes, accessories and more.

Create a custom layout

Think about your morning routine. Then factor that in when you design the layout of your closet. Put in sections for wardrobe favorites, or the pieces that you often reach for. That way, you won’t need to go around in a mad scramble digging through your tight and cramped closet space for the perfect undershirt or jeans. You’ll always know exactly where they are.

Design for practicality

With a revolving design for your closet storage, you won’t need to keep finding your things lost in your seasonal wear. Keep them separate from your go-to wardrobe and put them all in a single section. When you start feeling the need for a scarf, sweater or summer cover-up, you can rotate your closet and have a look at those seasonal sections. Keeping all the pieces for each season together is practical and efficient, Forbes says.

Add sections for specific items

If you’re mad about bags or shoes and don’t think there’s enough room in your closet for your collection, no worries. A revolving closet of all the bags and accessories you love should take care of the problem for you. With more than enough space to fill up again, you can restart your haunt for must-haves you can add to your collection.

Make your closet space work hard for you. Start finding ways to get rid of the clutter and chaos with a closet organizer.