Get Your Renovation On

You did it! You landed that house you’ve always dreamed of owning, in that terrific neighborhood, and just wait until you renovate from the wall studs out. Unfortunately, the best plans of men and architects often go awry when faced with a historic home’s historic (and not in a good way) electrical box and wiring. Knob and tube, aluminum wiring, and even fuse boxes are still delivering power to Vancouver BC homes. When you need to rewire, stick with local electrical companies and contractors.

It’s Not Your Fault

When looking at prospective homes, you don’t have time to take a look behind the walls to see what kind of wiring is still there. After all, it has worked well for many years. However, houses are a lot like human bodies. As they age, their vital systems need more intense maintenance and once in a while a good going over by a professional.
Wiring now has to carry much higher electrical loads than in the past. Even wiring that is only 20 years old may not be able to handle the demands of major appliances, televisions, computers, and other devices. Wiring that is older than that may be functioning, but it might not be doing its job as well as it should be.

Get Professional Help

Rewiring a home and installing a modern circuit breaker box will give you years of safe usage, and keep your electric appliances and devices running at peak efficiency. Contact local electrical companies in Vancouver BC and gather estimates on what is needed, how much it will cost, and how long the job will take. Loving an older home doesn’t mean having to put up with an unsafe or inadequate electrical system when you can add years of use and value to your home by rewiring.