3 Reasons To Consider Cabinet Painting Over Cabinet Replacement

Upgrades and renovations can be a very big ticket item for a residential property as well as a commercial building. By hiring a residential or commercial painting service, it is possible to upgrade existing cabinets in a home or office at a very low cost. Finding a painting company with experience in cabinet painting is a sure way to save money on any project.

One such company is Painter Pro. This is an established, highly recommended painting service that provides residential, commercial and cabinet painting services. With the right materials, equipment, and trained painters, even old cabinets can look fresh and new in a very short period of time.

Lower Cost

By hiring a painting company to paint the interior and exterior of cabinets in the kitchen or the bathroom in a residential home, the cost of the renovation can be significantly decreased. The same is true if a commercial painting service can simply paint the storage cabinets, eliminating the need to rip out the old system, buy new cabinets, and then also pay for the cost of installation

Cabinets Never Go Out Of Style

While there are differences in cabinets across the years, the biggest differences are in the colors and the finish on the surface. With styles fairly similar throughout the years in kitchens and bathrooms, professional painters can provide recommendations in colors and paint options to make them look exactly like new cabinets right from a showroom.

Brighten or Lighten a Kitchen or Bathroom

A preferred painting contractor can also make recommendations in color choices to create a lighter or brighter look to in a kitchen, bathroom or in a commercial office space.

Often, choosing a white, or off-white for a cabinet and covering up old, dark wood gives any room in a commercial building or a residential home a completely new and very stylish look.

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