Assessing Some Top-Line Lawn Maintenance Services in New Canaan, CT

Each and every year, more than 23 million homeowners outsource their landscaping, grass cutting, and other preservation obligations to professional lawn maintenance services, which equates to nearly a third of all domestic landholders.

This is far cry from the 1990s, when lawn maintenance services were the exclusive domain of the wealthiest people and, thus, financially out of reach for the typical property owner.

Upgrading Your Land without Spending an Arm and a Leg

A gorgeous, proportionate lawn basically represents the icing on the cake in terms of your estate’s curb appeal, but you have to know which type of lawn care program yields the most valuable bang for your buck:

* Facilitate annual soil tests to confirm a healthy pH balance and ascertain precisely what your grass needs to thrive and flourish.

* Perform intricate aeration on a bi-annual basis, which enables your grass to develop deeper roots and a full-bodied appearance. Grass grows best in decompressed, springy soil.

* Periodically seed your lawn with high-grade grass strains, ideally in unison with your intermittent aerating efforts.

* Spread organic, all-natural fertilizer without utilizing any destructive pesticides, insecticides, or herbicides.

* Don’t neglect the other plants around your home. Executing monthly arboreal upkeep and trimming sessions is vital if you wish to keep your trees, shrubs, and plant life salubrious throughout the year.

Fortuitously, you can quickly arrange some practical, cost-effective lawn maintenance services in New Canaan, CT by touching base with an acclaimed crew of landscaping mavens, such as the team over at Pauley Tree & Lawn Care Inc.

How Much Does It Cost to Arrange Lawn Care Service?

Don’t be fooled into thinking that professional lawn maintenance services are too expensive, inconvenient, or unnecessary.

Whether you need help with tick control, lawn mowing, aerating, or some bespoke land makeovers, you can effortlessly establish an integrated, pennywise plan in as little as one consultation, so link up with a licensed panel of arborists and landscapers today.