Fire Resistant Doors In Cherry Hill NJ Are A Great Choice For A Home Or Business

Fire-resistant doors are important for homes and businesses to keep people safe and minimize property damage during a fire. Some fire doors can prevent the spread of fire and smoke for up to three hours. Various cores can be used that include rigid honeycomb or polystyrene.

Another area of Fire Resistant Doors Cherry Hill NJ is glazing of the glass for wood burners or fireplace glass. Fire-resistant glazing allows a user to enjoy the appearance of the fire without the glass cracking and causing a dangerous environment. Fire-rated, non-safety ceramic glass is available with or without a surface-applied film or laminated ceramic glass.

Fire Doors

Fire door usage is determined by their locations in a building. The fire hazard of the location will determine if it should have a longer or shorter fireproof rating.

Three-Hour Fire Resistant Door

This type of fire resistant door has a wall rating of four hours. These types of openings separate buildings or divide a building into designated fire areas.

90-Minute Fire Resistant Door

The wall rating for these types of doors is two hours. This type of door can be used in boiler rooms or exterior walls if they have the potential for severe fire exposure from anything outside of a building. Stairwells and elevator shafts are great locations to put these types of doors.

One-Hour Fire Resistant Door

One-hour Fire Resistant Doors Cherry Hill NJ can divide occupancies in a building. They can be used in an apartment or office buildings. A 45-minute fire resistant door is good for openings in halls or a room partition. They are an excellent choice for moderate fire exposure from the outside of a building. Fire-resistant doors are required to self-close and latch for maximum safety.

Factor baked-on, the rust inhibiting primer is used on the doors. A top coat of paint can be applied after installation has been completed. Heavy gauge door closers offer additional reinforcement. All doors a certified for compliance with applicable regulations.

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