The Process of Rekeying Car Locks in Portland, OR

Modern vehicles are made using specialized locks to ensure that random people cannot access your car. You can’t use any random key in a car to pry the lock open. Due to the consistent wear and tear on the car locks, the locks may get damaged considerably over time. Rekeying car locks is essential if you have difficulty in opening the locks using the standard key that was supplied with the vehicle. More importantly, rekeying car locks is necessary to ensure that in case someone else gets your key, they will not be able to access your car. The process of rekeying may seem intimidating and difficult, so most people just go to their local locksmith for repairs. Here are a few things that you should know about the rekeying process.

How Does It Work?

The process of rekeying primarily involves using tumblers within the lock and then modifying the numbers to ensure that the older numbers don’t work on the mechanism. Basically, when it comes to rekeying car locks in Portland, OR, the company will replace the locking pins from within the car lock or change the settings of the wafer of the tumbler so that the car can be unlocked using a new set of keys. Basically, what this means is that the entire mechanism will not be removed, but your older keys will not function.

Important Things That You Should Know

Reputable companies such as website will use a specialist rekeying kit to remove the lock from your vehicle and then change it accordingly. The lower lock pins will be changed as well, so it’s recommended that you take your car to a professional for getting the lock replaced. These are a few things that you should know about getting the lock replaced.