Choosing the Right Chandelier Ceiling Light Fixture in Victoria BC

When it comes to lighting your home, chandeliers are some of the most attractive fixtures you can buy. However, there are so many shapes, sizes, and styles at your local lighting showroom, it is sometimes hard to decide. Here are some tips for choosing the right chandelier ceiling light fixture for your Victoria BC home.


To determine the best diameter size, measure your room. Now add the length and width together. For instance, if the room is 14 feet by 12 feet you should consider a 26 inch diameter chandelier. However, this is just a rough estimate and you can go a little larger or smaller if you like. In fact, if you are not sure, choose a chandelier a little larger than you think. It is best to have more lighting capacity than less. For dining rooms, make sure the chandelier is smaller than the table width.


A chandelier ceiling light fixture can beautify your Victoria BC home, but you need to get the length right. For instance, you should not extend the light too close to a dining room table. To make sure everyone has ample room to eat, allow at least two and one-half feet (305 mm) from light to table top.


Many people think a chandelier ceiling light fixture is only for foyers or dining rooms in Victoria BC. However, you can use chandeliers in other parts of the home. They work well over kitchen islands to give you additional work light. A chandelier with a dimmer switch can set the mood in the bedroom.

Talk to Your Lighting Professionals

You can buy chandeliers in many places, but your local lighting showroom has much to offer. You have a wide selection of lights and your lighting professionals are there to answer your questions and help you choose the best fixtures.