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Portable Shower Trailers Are Ideally Suitable for Sport Events

Does your organization plan to host a sports event soon? Perhaps it is a local track and field meet or maybe a special race for a good cause. Local sporting events are very popular these days, and it is important to have the right facilities for your participants. Portable shower trailers have much to offer and can provide many benefits. Here are some good reasons to consider them for your event.

What Are Shower Trailers?

A shower trailer (from a company like Montondo Trailer) is a portable unit with a complete shower facility. They offer rentals as well as a new & used trailer inventory. These units usually come with sinks, mirrors, and air conditioning. The best units have fold-down benches and excellent ventilation systems, and you have a wide range of options to choose from. Customized trailers give your participants the privacy and convenience they deserve.

What about Bathrooms?

Besides showers, your participants and guests need bathrooms. Do not forget to order enough restroom trailers for everyone attending your event. However, you do not have to supply extra bathroom trailers for participants if you order combination shower and bathroom units. These trailers have quality bathrooms and showers with instant hot water.

How Many Showers Do You Need?

Do you have a lot of participants? Consider large capacity trailers. Some of the best units have 12 shower stalls. Remember, not everyone has to shower at the same time, so your needs may vary according to your sporting event.

Waste Water

With portable units, you cannot dump the water on the ground. This is why you need to check with your supplier about waste water storage tanks and their capacities. Your portable unit professionals can answer all your questions and help you choose the best trailers for your event.

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