Walk-in Beer Caves, Buy Them in California

Convenience stores have dominated the beer buying market for years, and it does not appear that they will lose their lead anytime soon. The reasons are simple; they are fast, they are easy to buy from, and they are located in close proximity to densely populated areas. In recent years, a trend that started in California has rapidly spread across the country; walk-in beer caves.

Unique Design

Walk-in beer caves, or coolers, are designed to accommodate the specifics of a given store. Regardless of the layout, they are all temperature controlled, walk-in coolers that allow the stores to stock more product, in different types of packaging. By providing a larger inventory, the chances of running out of stock of any particular brand is greatly reduced.

Perhaps the biggest selling point of these types of beer coolers is the fact that customers can buy their beer cold, right off the shelf. This is a great convenience for customers that have been accustomed to buying room temperature beer at the grocery store.

From the Retailers Point of View

Walk-in beer caves are much easier to stock and cause less inconvenience to customers. Instead of tying up isle space, shelves can be stocked from the inside of the cooler. Stores not equipped with a walk-in cooler are forced to stock from the front, interrupting the flow of customer traffic.

Walk-in beer caves can be easily customized. Lighting and attractive merchandising can be adapted easily. The cave can be designed and built in a variety of sizes and configurations. A beer cave makes optimizing scarce shelf space easier.

As the owner or manager of a convenience store, you will be concerned with overheads. Unnecessary energy consumption can be curtailed by installing a walk-in beer cave. Rather than multiple display doors, all being opened and closed, a beer cave has a common door.  This arrangement makes it easier to maintain a constant temperature and saves energy.

If you are considering walk-in beer caves for your store, contact TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing & Construction in California.