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Considerations For Frameless Folding Servery Windows

Many homeowners haven’t heard of or considered frameless folding servery windows, which is a shame as they can make life a little simpler. Because they don’t have frames, they mesh well with homes of any décor and style.

Plus, they can melt into the façade without fear of them standing out. Along with such, you can still have a countertop or small sill on the outside, ensuring that guests can sit outside and use the sill as a table or receive beverages/food as needed. They’re also perfect because the panes of glass or other material fold to one side, ensuring that you have plenty of space for whatever purpose.

Frameless folding servery windows are suitable for many areas of the home, though many people prefer them in kitchens that overlook the patio. You probably have a patio door, but opening and closing it all the time can be stressful, especially if you have a lot of insects around. It’s also harder to get in and out because you want to keep doors closed as often as possible. With a window that folds open, you can leave it partially open to hand out ingredients or other items while and still feel like you’re part of the event.

At CGA, they offer gas-strutted and traditional awnings for your window, which ensures that you can open it fully without hindering your view or making it harder to hand items out to guests outside. They can help you create something perfect that fits your lifestyle and décor. Frameless folding servery windows can come in a variety of styles and sizes. You’re only limited by your imagination and can simply add-on to what you currently have installed. Therefore, it doesn’t have to be an expensive or time-consuming renovation project, and you can start enjoying your new window sooner.

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