Removing Pet Stains with Help from Carpet Cleaning Services in Albuquerque, NM

Pets and carpets are often a recipe for disaster. Even the best-trained animals may have the occasional accident. It’s nearly impossible to completely clean up after a pet has an accident on the carpet. There are many advantages to hiring professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Albuquerque NM.

Watch the Stains Vanish

Whenever a pet has an accident, the owner usually tries to clean up the mess as best as they can. However, a dark stain is often left behind. Both solid and liquid waste can quickly stain a carpet. No matter the cleaning products used, homeowners usually struggle to completely remove the stain.
Professional Carpet Cleaning Services in Albuquerque NM, however, use commercial-grade cleaners and machines to fully lift pet stains. Even old, deep stains are removed with ease. Getting the floors professionally cleaned may help to increase the lifespan of the carpet.

No More Odors

Even if the homeowner manages to remove a pet accident stain, a terrible odor usually lingers. These odors tend to come and go, and they may be more obvious on humid days. Air fresheners only mask the odor. A professional cleaning is the only way to eliminate the smell.
During a professional cleaning, the technician will use heavy-duty machinery that is designed to remove stains and liquids from the carpet fibers. These machines are even strong enough to clean down to the padding. The end result is a room that smells fresh.

Prevent Future Accidents

Pets are creatures of habit. Both dogs and cats tend to relieve themselves in the same spot. If they can still smell their previous accident, they are more likely to relieve themselves there again. A properly cleaned carpet will discourage future accidents.

Hiring a professional cleaning service is the best way to prevent more pet accidents. Most companies use special cleaning solutions to remove pet stains. These products are designed to neutralize odors. They are commercial grade and are more effective than standard cleaners.

All pet owners know how difficult it is to keep their carpets clean. Hiring a professional carpet cleaning service is the best way to remove pet stains, eliminate odors, and prevent future accidents. Visit to learn about other types of residential carpet cleaning available.