The Most Crucial Pool Chemicals In League City To Have On Hand

A pool is a perfect place to escape the sweltering heat of the summer sun, but proper maintenance is key to sustaining adequate chemical levels and keeping the water safe for use. Many individuals new to pool maintenance struggle to select the right mix of Pool Chemicals in League City, but a little research will make it easy to keep the water in a pool sparkling clear. The following is a look at the chemicals every pool owner should have on hand and how they ensure a pool is always ready for use.


Algae growth is present when a body of water is exposed to outside elements, and while it is naturally occurring, it will quickly cause the water in a pool to turn green and leave the sides feeling slimy. An algaecide combats the growth of algae and breaks down any that may exist, which allows the filtration system to eliminate it. A liquid form of the chemical combined with the regular scrubbing of the internal surfaces will keep a pool beautiful all season long.

Chemical Shock

As individuals use a pool, they release contaminants from their skin, which will cause the water to become cloudy and may cause the pH levels to drop rapidly. Chemical shock products regulate pH levels by eliminating contaminants and alleviate issues with water clarity. Depending on the product, a pool may be unusable for up to 24 hours after a shock treatment, which prevents damage to the skin and gives the water conditions the time needed to balance out.

Sodium Carbonate

Most pools are exposed to natural elements, and the chemical compounds of rainwater and other contaminants in the air may cause the pH to increase to levels that make the water unsafe for use. Sodium carbonate is a fast-acting product that minimizes pH levels and ensures that anyone using the pool is not in danger of skin damage. A majority of Pool Chemicals in League City alter water pH levels in a matter of hours and have a pool ready for use in no time.

The right chemicals simplify the process of keeping a pool safe all summer long. The team at Cryer Pools & Spas Inc offers a complete line of quality products and even provides maintenance services that will ensure a pool is always standing by and ready to provide fun in the sun.