Outdoor Lighting: Boost the Look and Safety of Your Property

Outdoor post lighting looks great and can provide some definite curb appeal as well as provide safety features, such as guiding you indoors when you arrive home after dark. Outdoor post lights are typically free-standing lights that are hardwired or solar. They can be set up throughout your property, adding lighting to driveways, walkways, patios, gardens, and more. There are great options today, too, that are energy efficient as well as great-looking.

A variety of great designs exist regarding the outdoor post lighting fixture as well as globes and lamp post accessories. Whether you want something traditional, that looks like an old-fashioned street lamp, or you’d prefer something with specific features, such as certainly shaped globes, or additional features, these pieces look great and provide functionality, too. In addition to looking good on your property and guiding you to the front door when you arrive after dark or leave the house extra early, they can help you deter intruders, too.

Tips to Boost Safety with Outdoor Post Lighting

* Strategically place more than one outdoor light post on the property so that it’s fairly well-lit. You don’t have to keep the lights on all the time, you can use motion sensors, too, to help deter people from approaching your home.

* Consider having lighting at the rear and sides of your home as well as out front. Not only can it help with the visual appeal, but it boosts safety. Motion-activated lights around the side and rear doors can help you avoid potential intruders who tend to stay in the dark and will vacate the premises quickly when a light comes on.

* Set timers or solar lights up when you’ll be away either for a little while or an extended period of time for safety reasons. It’s helpful to tweak timing periodically, so that anyone watching the premises can’t necessarily predict the timers going on.

Lighting looks great, lights your way when arriving home in the dark, and helps keep potential criminals away from your property. When choosing outdoor post lighting, you’ll also want to consider having backup bulbs on hand as well as a resource for replacement globes for your lights just in case of breakage. Like our facebook page.