Reasons to Hire a Company for Lawn Care in Wellington, Florida

Lawn Care in Wellington Florida isn’t a simple matter of providing adequate water and making sure the grass gets cut. A beautiful, luscious green lawn requires a good deal of maintenance and dedicated care, especially when it comes to preventing insects from wreaking havoc on otherwise healthy grass. Read on to find out about a few of the lawn care services offered by Above & Beyond Pest Control to learn why so many homeowners choose to trust them with providing comprehensive lawn care and maintenance.

Full Fertilization

The first step toward preventing pests from destroying a lawn is to give the grass as healthy of a start in life as possible. This requires adequate fertilization. Keep in mind that not all fertilizers are the same, so it’s best to hire a lawn care professional who can evaluate nutrient levels to ensure that they will provide a balanced diet conducive to healthy, insect-resistant grass.

Weed Control

Like insect control, weed control begins with a healthy lawn. However, it often requires the application of herbicides as well. Choosing the wrong herbicide or applying it incorrectly can have a negative impact on the grass itself in addition to killing any weeds; however, professional lawn care specialists have access to commercial-grade herbicides that are quite effective and also quite safe.

Insect Control

There are plenty of circumstances in which simply fertilizing a lawn to ensure healthy growth is not enough to eradicate insect populations, especially if a lawn already has an existing pest problem. When this is the case, it’s best to hire a company that can apply specialized pesticides designed to handle the insect problem without killing the lawn.

Whitefly Elimination

Providing adequate Lawn care services in Wellington Florida involves coming up with a plan to eliminate whiteflies from the area. A local company is more likely to be able to develop a comprehensive extermination plan that will have long-lasting results.

Fungus Control

Insects aren’t the only threat to healthy, luscious lawns. Fungus growth can also lead to serious damage if it is left unchecked. Most dedicated companies have an entire arsenal of fungus control methods at their disposal, and only resort to the application of fungicides when it is necessary to maintain the lawn.

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