Cleaning and Maintenance Tips for Residential Stone Flooring in Longmont

Natural stone flooring fabricated from materials like granite, marble, and slate can add a unique aesthetic appeal to just about any room. Most homeowners choose to incorporate this material into smaller areas that don’t see too much use; however, stone flooring can be used to cover entire rooms as well. Because it isn’t as common as other flooring types, homeowners don’t always know how to care for their stone floors, though, which can lead to damage over time.

The Importance of Floor Finish

After deciding on Stone Flooring Longmont homeowners must choose between sealing the stone and leaving it unfinished. While the amount of cleaning and maintenance required by unsealed floors varies significantly depending on the stone’s surface texture, sealed floors are consistently easier to clean and maintain than their unfinished alternatives. This work can generally be performed by the same installation contractor who is entrusted with installing the floor.

Vacuum and Mop

Sealed stone floors can be cleaned using just a vacuum and a mop. One of the best solutions for damp mopping is also the least expensive: simply mix one cup of white vinegar into a gallon of water or natural general purpose cleaning solution. Routine vacuuming and mopping are generally enough to keep stone floors looking beautiful, although some tougher stains will require a little bit of extra work.

Removing Tough Stains

The best way to remove tough stains is to brush the area gently with a general purpose cleaning solution, using a small amount of pressure and repetitive motion with the mop. Once the stain has been removed, rinse the area with a mixture comprised of one cup of fabric softener mixed into a bucket of water and dry it with a soft cloth. This will help to prevent streaking and maintain shine.

Periodic Refinishing

While stone floor finish can help to prevent damage, it does require a little bit of extra maintenance. Sealed floors must be refinished periodically and polished using a solvent-based wax. Solvent-based polishes are generally considered a better option than water-based polishes, as they are able to dissolve the previous wax layer to prevent unsightly build-up.

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