What Homeowners Can Expect From Residential Exterminators In Hilo

Homeowners in Hilo often have problems with rodents or pest infestations inside their homes. By contacting an experienced pest control company, individuals can be pest free all year long. Read the information below to learn what homeowners can expect from Residential Exterminators Hilo area professionals.

Pest Control Services

Exterminators in Hilo offer dependable extermination services for various pests found in and around the home. This includes the eradication of roaches, fleas, bed bugs, fire ants, bird mites, and termites. After a thorough inspection of the premises and positive identification of the problem pests, experienced pest control technicians will begin the extermination process.

A reliable extermination method that’s often used by pest control companies for various insect infestations, including bed bugs and termites, is tent fumigation. After the home is completely covered and sealed, the pest control professionals use a special gas that permeates the entire home to eradicate the pests. After the process is complete, the tent covering is removed and the gas dissipates without leaving any odor or mess inside the home.

Rodent Control Services

It’s not uncommon for rodents, such as mice or rats, to find their way into a home. In addition to making the house unsanitary, rodents will often chew on wires that are inside appliances or even the main wires that provide electricity to the home. An experienced pest control company can come to the home and remove the rodents before they cause any damage to the home.

After the removal of the rodents, pest control technicians will inspect the home to find out where the rodents are entering the premises. After closing off these entry points, individuals won’t have to worry about mice and rats getting inside the house again.

Pest Maintenance Services

Many homeowners rely on monthly pest maintenance services to keep their homes free of pests throughout the year. When individuals take advantage of a pest control program, Residential Exterminators Hilo area technicians will come to the residence and apply a treatment around the exterior perimeter of the home. If necessary, the technicians will return and also treat the interior portion of the home to get rid of any unwanted pests.

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