Things to Consider Before Contacting Retaining Wall Services in Darien, CT

Retaining walls serve a variety of purposes ranging from purely practical to beautifully aesthetic. The only way that homeowners can reap the many benefits that retaining walls can confer upon their landscape designs is to hire a contractor who can provide Retaining Wall Services in Darien CT. Below is a list of a few things that property owners might want to consider calling to schedule an appointment to have a retaining wall installed.

What is a Retaining Wall, Anyway?

Retaining walls are structures designed to keep soil, rocks, and gardens in place. They are generally built out of stones, and come in several different varieties, including gravity walls, anchored walls, and cantilever walls among others.

When Are Retaining Walls Helpful?

The most common use for retaining walls is terracing. Terracing is used on areas that are on a slope to keep the dirt in place for gardens and other landscaping features. They prevent the soil from moving during rainstorms when storm run-off would otherwise weaken it to the point where it might cause a mudslide.

What About Aesthetic Benefits?

Of course, the right retaining wall will also confer aesthetic benefits upon a property. It can allow experienced landscape designers to add multiple tiers that can give a yard some extra personality. It can also rid the property of awkward slopes that are difficult to climb and do not make for good gardening conditions.

Which Style is Best?

A simple gravity wall, which uses the weight of either stones or concrete to hold soil in place is perfect for areas that don’t have a good deal of force pressing against the walls. However, tight spaces, soft soil, and other environmental considerations often make sheet piling and other more complex forms of retaining walls a more effective solution. The best way to decide what kind of wall will be best suited to meeting any unique landscaping need is to contact a contractor who can provide Retaining Wall Services in Darien CT and answer any questions that property owners may have.

Call a Professional Today

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