Doing An Effective Bat Removal In Columbus OH

When someone notices there are bats flying in and out of a window located in their attic, they will most likely want to have the creatures removed as soon as possible. Bats can cause destruction to the interior of a home, in addition to leaving bacteria behind which could make those living in the home sick if they come into contact with it. Here are some steps that can be taken to do an effective Bat removal in Columbus OH.

Provide Bats With Another Area To Live

It is a good idea to purchase or build a bat box to put on the property for bats to relocate. This type of box will allow bats to fit snugly inside in a safe location. It is best to place the box in a spot where it can be viewed from close proximity of the home. This way, bats will notice the new home as they are out and about collecting food during the nighttime hours.

Block The Entryway During The Night

After bats vacate the home for the night, blocking the entryway to the home will aid in keeping them from being able to get back inside after their excursion for food. An alternate method is to have a wildlife professional install a device that allows bats to get out of the home but not allow for re-entry. If the former method will be used, the blockade will need to be removed during the daytime hours the next day. This way any bats left inside of the attic will also have a chance to escape. Repeat the process of blocking and unblocking the window for several days and nights.

Check Over The Interior For Stragglers

If the window was being blocked and unblocked, after several days a check of the attic can be done to see if there are any bats that did not make their way out of the home. If baby bats are noticed, or if adult bats are still present, a call to a professional to remove them is best.

When there is a need to do Bat removal in Columbus OH, calling a business known for their helpful customer service is desired. Take a look at to find out more.