How To Properly Install Drywall In Torrance

Drywall, which was initially invented in 1916, is a composite material made of gypsum plaster that is compressed between two sheets of thick paper. In addition to being safe and straightforward to use, Drywall in Torrance is also more affordable than other options and requires a fraction of the necessary labor of plaster and other wall and ceiling coverings. Here is a quick look at the process of installing drywall in both residential and commercial applications.

Drywall Panel Placement

Drywall typically comes in large sheets that can be cut down to a specific size using a sharp knife to score it and then applying enough pressure to break the material. The panels are cut to size and then placed on the wall and secured with specialty drywall screws. It is a good idea to have at least one additional person on hand to hold the drywall steady to prevent an uneven installation or injury during the process.

Taping and Mud Application

Once the Drywall in Torrance has been secured to the wall the next step is to cover any joints between the panels and the screw heads. It is vital to first apply a joint tape over the edges of the drywall and then apply a joint mud over to seal it off. The mud should be thick when it is applied so that joint is completely covered and there are no visible seams after the installation is complete.

Sanding and Priming

After applying the mud be sure to let it dry for a minimum of 48 hours before sanding down the rough edges. Most contractors recommend using a handheld electric sander, which is much simpler than attempting to smooth the surface by hand. Once the surface has been thoroughly smoothed, the last step is to remove any excess dust and apply one to two coats of primer over the drywall so that it can be painted.

Hanging drywall seems like a simple and straightforward process, however, without the right tools it can be a labor-intensive project that is frustrating and tedious. Click here to learn why more homeowners choose to trust CC Cleaning and Maintenance for their drywall needs and make any renovation project easy to complete.