Options for Rat Control in Middletown NJ

Mice and rats are almost inevitable in some settings. Barns, houses near fields, dirty city streets, and warehouses or factories attract rodents because they can find food and water. They also have plenty of places to build nests.

Urban sprawl is lowering the number of fields and wide open spaces available as rodent sources for food, habitat, and water. The result is more rodents in homes and businesses. The important thing to remember is that most rats are pack animals.


Pack animals will not be eradicated by introducing a cat into the home, although that is still the first avenue most homeowners decide to try. What they do not consider is that a cat will likely bring whatever rats it finds into the house. Cats will lay that dead or dying rodent at your feet and expect a treat. This is not an option for the faint of heart.

Poison is another option for Rat Control in Middletown NJ. It may be effective, but it is also dangerous. Children who get into the cabinet under the sink can ingest it. It can make a pet ill or be fatal in some cases. Another problem with using poison is that the rats can die inside the walls and rot there.

Live traps are less dangerous and definitely more humane. If that is the solution decided upon, be prepared to purchase several traps. It is rare that only one rat is living in the space.

The Benefit of Hiring Professionals

Professional exterminators have techniques and approaches that are proven effective. An integrated management approach, for example, will end up saving a home of business owner a substantial amount of time and money. It will also help prevent future problems with rodents.

A preliminary inspection of the property will let the technician know the extent of the problem and allow for proper identification of which rodent is present. Effective Rat Control in Middletown NJ is completed in a few steps. Eradicating the rats will only be a temporary solution.

Nests, food availability, and water sources have to be removed as well. Points of entry have to be found and blocked, and any piles of debris have to be cleaned up to avoid new rats moving into the ideal locations. Contact us today to learn about offered services, pricing, and capabilities.