5 Reasons for Wood Flooring Refinishing in New York City

A sparkling, shiny hardwood floor can bring elegance to any room, and it’s a great investment because of its long life and aesthetic appeal. However, pets, dirt, heavy traffic and moving furniture can cause damage, bringing about the need for Wood Flooring Refinishing in New York City. Here, homeowners can learn several of the benefits of hardwood floor refinishing.

Better Looks

This is likely the biggest benefit of hiring a refinishing contractor. These experts have years of experience, and they use that knowledge to find solutions to every hardwood flooring problem. With a contractor’s help, homeowners can give their floors a look that accentuates the home’s other features.

Affordability and Limited Disruption

Refinishing is less expensive and more convenient than a replacement. When a floor is replaced, it can cause a significant disruption to a family’s daily routine. However, a professional can refinish an entire floor in just one day, which is much less invasive.


Wood Flooring Refinishing in New York City is a good investment. It can add value to the entire home, and it’s a strong selling point even in a tight real estate market. Consult a local refinishing contractor to find out how the job can increase a home’s value and curb appeal.


DIY floor refinishing can be very risky, especially for first-timers. For most people, the risk isn’t worthwhile. If things go wrong, it’s likely that the homeowner will have to hire a professional to fix his or her mistakes at a significant extra cost. In most cases, it’s more cost-efficient to hire a pro in the beginning.

Lower Maintenance Costs

Once a floor is refinished, owners can get a few years of use from it before it needs to be finished again. When the job is done right, it prevents pests from taking up residence on the floor and spreading to other parts of the home.

Unless an owner has the right materials, tools and experience, refinishing a hardwood floor can be messy, labor-intensive and difficult. By hiring an expert, homeowners can save money and time in the long term. Contact New York Wood Flooring for more information or to schedule an appointment.