The Perfect Garage Door For Your Home

Every home is different and as such the garage door must compliment the home design perfectly. Although there are many standard doors that can be quite suitable, to meet the specific design of the home, custom garage doors in Westchester, NY is the ideal solution. When you opt for a custom door, you can rest assured that the finished installation will add considerably to the curb appeal of your house.

When you consider that a garage door can easily take up between 15 and 320 percent of a home’s frontage, a “tired” door certainly does nothing for the home’s curb appeal. For those homes that have the garage facing the front, custom garage doors in Westchester, NY almost become a must.

Types of garage doors:

Garage doors can slide to open, swing up, swing out or roll up into a coil. Each of these door designs has plus and minus points, for example; a swing up door would not work well if the garage has limited head room; in this case sliding doors are more practical.

Make sure you get the right style door:

Custom garage doors in Westchester, NY give you the freedom to compliment the style of your home. The majority of door styles feature trim and various details. Frame and panel doors normally utilize details that are fixed to the door after manufacture, using finishing nails or adhesive. Glass panels along the top row look great, and they allow natural light into the garage. The door does not have to be frame and panel; roll-up doors can also be fitted with glazed panels.


The majority of custom garage doors are made from either wood or steel. Wood looks wonderful, but it does require on-going maintenance. If you want to spread out the time between paint jobs, steel is a better choice; steel doors are tough as the best are made using 24 gauge material. Many steel doors that are purchased from “big box” stores are considerably lighter and do not last well.

Custom garage doors in Westchester, NY can be manufactured to compliment the exterior of your home. For details on what can be done, you are invited to contact Action Lock & Door Company Inc.