Different Styles of Commercial Refrigeration

Commercial refrigeration is very useful for restaurant owners, businesses, or department stores by providing the correct refrigeration services in their stores. Not only is it important for the commercial refrigeration system to accommodate all of the merchandise, it is also crucial that customers are able to view what is in the unit.

Commercial Bar Refrigeration Units

Most of these types of units have a large capacity. These units are spacious in order to store various drinks, mixers, and more, to supply a standard bar’s needs. This type of unit is ideal for commercial refrigeration in California bars and more.

Many back bar refrigerators are front ventilated with glass doors. The ventilation system makes these refrigerators ideal for placement behind the bar, while the glass doors allow customers to view its contents.

Reach-In Refrigeration Unit

A commercial reach-in refrigeration unit works like a normal residential fridge, but offers more power and a higher capacity. These units are perfect for industrial kitchens in restaurants. They are capable of storing an assortment of various food and drink items in a sectioned and shelved interior.

These models come in a variety of different options. Some reach-in models have castors so they are easy to move. Others have glass doors for the chef’s to easily see what is inside. More options that these units have include Dutch or double doors, which provides more storage room. There are models that are also dual-zoned, permitting half of the unit to be stored at a different temperature than the other half.

Commercial Merchandiser Refrigeration Units

In order to store large quantities of food and beverages in a supermarket or local grocery store, a refrigerated merchandiser unit is a great choice. One of the biggest appeals for a commercial merchandiser refrigeration unit is its ability to deliver proper refrigeration while providing a great display of its contents.

These models come in a variety of different sizes and shapes, as well as with individual features and capacities. Many of the commercial merchandisers come with ventilation located in the front, which makes them ideal for displaying its contents to customers.