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Do You Need New Windows?

Leaks around your window frames could be why your energy consumption bills are high. Here are six great reasons you want to shop around for a window replacement in Charleston SC:

You want to save on bills
Installing new windows to eliminate those air leaks can keep you from paying for more than you have to. If you’re tired of seeing sky-high bills, consider replacing your windows, says Forbes.

Your windows are damaged
If your windows have been warped or damaged in any way, the best thing to do is to look for replacements. That way, you won’t have to worry about air leaks and excess moisture getting into your home and increasing the risk of mildew and mold growth.

Your windows are old
Old windows are prone to breakage and aren’t the most energy-efficient choice out there. By opting for newer windows, you can look for energy-efficient styles that could save you a ton on your energy consumption bills down the road.

Your windows are outdated
If your home is desperately in need of a makeover, putting in new windows can completely change the way your interiors and exterior look. Makeovers can bring fresh new energy into your living space and give your home an upgrade that’s been long overdue.

You just survived an emergency
Hurricanes and severe weather conditions of the same type could easily result in extensive damage to your windows. If your windows appear banged up and in trouble of corrosion, that could be signs that your windows have been affected. Time to fortify your home by shopping for a window replacement in Charleston SC to make sure your property is ready for the severe weather event that might hit.

You have a historic home
That means you’ll need to hire a window replacement service that can take on the job of preserving your windows while they fix the damage.